Introducing: Heavy Heart

Heavy HeartSounds from a bedroom... or at least, that's how this music was originally manifested. Heavy Heart started in a tiny flat in South East London, but they've become so much more. Lush and dewy yet heavy and atmospheric, the band is ethereal and explores the melancholy elements of indie pop.

The band recently released their latest single "Dowsabel" which comprises a dusky bass line with the the soft, silky vocals and dreamy guitar riffs of Anna Vincent. "Dowsabel", which is an old English word for 'sweetheart', is quite the opposite of a typically sweet love song. It's about a tortured, toxic wanting-to-leave kind of love, as Vincent sings, "I've been dying for something new, I don't want to be scared if it hurts when I fall."

With a sound similar to Wolf Alice, the band mixes shoegaze elements with a twist of alternative rock. Complex while also understated, Heavy Heart illustrates themes in their songs ranging from depression and female objectification to obsessive love and casual witchcraft. This variety of motifs makes for eclectic and attention-grabbing music.

In 2017, the band joined forces with vinyl-only label I Can & I Will to re-release their 12-song EP, Keepsake. Lead single “Fruitfly” garnered attention and radio play BBC Radio London and multiple stations across the USA.  In January 2019, Heavy Heart released “Bed Bug”, the first of three new singles that were produced by Grammy award winner Gabe Wax (The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes, Soccer Mommy).

Heavy Heart also recently announced they'll play a headline show at the Sebright Arms, presented by Communion Music.


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