Introducing: Haty Haty

haty hatyNot enough music makes it to UK shores from Amsterdam, does it? With its international reputation for partying, you might think tourists to the city would bring back all kinds of crazy music through customs - but relatively there's only a smattering. There is, however, one new band looking to win your heart despite the export tax.

Haty Haty aren't for the stag parties that maraud around the Dutch city. Haty Haty are more for walking through cold winter streets. A two-piece, the band have one song to their name so far - the subtly fantastic "High as the Sun". Comprising David Douglas, a producer whose icy electronica debut album Moon Observation was released last year, and Johannes Sigmund aka Blaudzun, the duo have been friends for years. This is the first project they've collaborated on together, though.

Instead of being the summer ready anthem that its name suggests, "High as the Sun" is actually a chilled piece of r'n'b. It's part Jamie Woon, part Kraftwerk; drums echo and clatter in the background, a single guitar note menacingly worms through the song, while layers of horns, keyboards and harmonies all build. Blaudzun's vocal, so adept at pulling emotions out of your chest through his solo work, is swaddled in reverb, delicate and isolated, often barely audible over the guitar's endless drive.

If the sound of that leaves you wanting more, and it should, then you're in luck. The pair are due to release their debut album, High as the Sun, on 11th March 016. Until then, the best thing to do is submerge yourself in their icy world.

Listen to "High as the Sun" below, or head over to Haty Haty's Facebook to get further updates on the album here.


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