Introducing: Grace Lightman

Grace LightmanGrace Lightman's blend of psych-pop has a certain faded feeling to it. While it's pristinely produced - her latest track, "Fangs", was worked upon by Ben Baptie (London Grammar) - you can almost hear the crackling on the recording.

It's the sort of music you might hear on an old VHS of a neo-noir mystery like Mulholland Drive. For fans of the psychedelic, like M83 and Tame Impala, she is an exciting prospect, garnering tastemakers' attention at an alarming rate.

"Repair Repair" is a particular standout track, a gently pulsating number that sounds like a stripped back version of "I'm in Love with a German Film Star" by The Passions. With its catchy lyrical hook ("People don't change, they just become something they can't remember to repair, repair, repair") and minimalist, shuffling percussion beat, it's a glorious showcase of her talent.

Find out more about Grace Lightman and watch the video for "Fangs" below.


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