Introducing: Girlfriend

GirlfriendTake the raw flavours of punk, add to the pot an array of alternative sounds, spit contemporary feminist ideals and you’ve got the makings of Dublin band, Girlfriend. Getting together through teenage friendships and a mutual want to play music with other girls their own age, discussions to form a group allegedly began at a ‘gaff party’ (an Irish house party) and the rest is history.

Now, they’re a group of young people with a strong sense of purpose and ambition, balancing work and college while also getting together to make some seriously in-your-face racquet. What stands out about these musical crusaders is the dynamic the band survives on - because lead singer Hana Lamari has many singing flavours from downbeat to throat-scratching screams, and this allows Girlfriend to manipulate their heavy sound with great unity.

There are two tracks on Bandcamp recorded at Orphan Studios, Dublin, showcasing how grand their musical spectrum is. “Spitkissing” builds and brews on grunge and downer tones before exploding into euphoric modern soundscapes and all-in female vocals. Whereas “Small Smile Grow” leans heavily on metal influences and screams that suggest a teenage Lamari may have stumbled upon a Rage Against The Machine record.

Now we have to wait to see what’s next for the group. Having recently welcomed a new synth player, they're currently in creative hibernation; writing and experimenting with their loud, raw, edgy styles. It can be tall order to blend many styles, inspirations and instruments. Let’s see if they crack it in 2019.

Find out more about Girlfriend and listen to "Spitkissing" and "Small Smile Grow" below.


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