Introducing: Francie Moon

Francie MoonDo you like lo-fi rock n roll that epitomises timeless Americana sounds? If you do, we recommend you check out the New Jersey musician Francie Moon (real name Melissa Lucciola), who is here to remind us that rock can be soulful as hell.

Moon released her first EP Morning Red back in 2013; a four-track ensemble recorded at the artist’s home. Since then, she has written and recorded a host of tracks (which can be found on her Bandcamp page here), mixing raw elements of garage rock and tranquil blues tones. The combination of playing around with different techniques and travelling around the USA for shows that would inevitably help shape her musicianship has given Moon a refined style of rollicking blues and garage; something she showcases on the three tracks making up her newly released self-titled EP.

If you look for her first EP, you’ll find Moon’s first take on “Red Cloud Road” and will be able to appreciate the fullness of the sound in the newer working, which is only elevated by the additional backing singers, guitar solos and sophisticated production.

Vocally, Moon is pretty damn enchanting. When it’s under the influence of effects, her voice summons that same sort of sound you might expect from a vintage country rock vinyl or the soundtrack of a movie set in a saloon. When it’s stripped back and more au-naturel (like in this cover of The Head and the Heart’s “Let’s Be Still” she did with fellow New Jersey dwellers, Rigbi), her voice is distinctly twangy and sweet.

Listen to “Red Cloud Road” below and find out more about Francie Moon here.


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