Introducing: Elohim

ElohimYou don't 'just' interview Elohim. No one does. The few people who have been allowed to speak to the artist, have had to through a laptop's speech function to conceal her identity. Press photos are hard to get as well. The only images available feature her, whoever she is, wearing an animal face mask. She wears a similar mask to all of her live shows.

This level of secrecy is almost at odds with Elohim's music. She's not like Burial, crafting dark and mysterious snapshots of London streets; she's not like WU LYF, creating sky-punching indie whilst trying to take over the world. No, all of this elusiveness is behind some masterfully crafted pop songs, her hiding making us question the whole idea of a pop star. The last time an artist stayed this elusive while making such catchy songs was a little guy called Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd.

There are a few more similarities between Elohim and The Weeknd. Both craft perfect pop under the haze of jaded partying - just give a listen to "Xanax" and its slowed down beat, Elohim's voice floating over the top. Both have collaborated with rappers, in Elohim's case her fantastic track "All That Gold" which she shares with with Casey Veggies. But where The Weeknd seems to wallow in his own failings, Elohim's more punchy production makes her songs club ready.

New single "Pigments" has driving tribal drums and a huge chorus. You may not know who Elohim is, but you'll definitely be singing along to her soon enough. She made her first live appearance only 6 months ago, but since then has taken up a residency in Los Angeles with The Big Pink. Zane Lowe has also declared his love for her, giving her lastest single a lot of play on his Beats 1 radio show.

Try to follow Elohim if you can, because she won't be staying still for long.

Listen to "Pigments" below and find out more about Elohim here.


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