Introducing: Ellis

Ellis (Linnea Siggelkow)Delicate vocals with a fuzzy guitar sound... Ellis - originating from Hamilton, Ontario - intertwine an indie-pop sound with gritty guitar to create the ultimate edgy shoegaze vibe.

Despite the name, Ellis is actually a four piece band fronted by Linnea Siggelkow. Their EP The Fuzz was released in November 2018 via Fat Possum, and contains atmospheric songs and vocals reminiscent of Grimes. The EP focuses on the fragile whisper of Siggelkow's voice which is juxtaposed by strong and dusty guitar riffs; uncovering a powerful force in the shoegaze spectrum. Siggelkow herself describes the music as a "walking dream" and the tides of emotions are certainly felt throughout The Fuzz.

An advocate for being open about mental health, Siggelkow was originally immersed in the DIY music scene in Toronto, but relocated to evolve her solo project into its current format. The quartet are performing solely in Ontario at the moment but plan to tour in 2019, with dates at SXSW already released. Catch a full list here.


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