Introducing: Dot.s 

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Few cities can claim to have contributed as much to the recent history of Anglophone music as Atlanta, Georgia. The city’s musical progeny includes names like Janelle Monáe, OutKast, and Deerhunter – among many others.

Though not yet being discussed in the same light as the aforementioned luminaries, we may now add another name to this list: Dot.s.

The brain-child of Ryan James, various lineups of the group have been putting out records since 2016 – including two albums in the first year of this period.

The group comes with a mission statement: “Dot.s is an endeavour to take 'dance music' far from where it comfortably rests in its current, popular state. A genre that started as something primal and turned into something kinda predictable and depressing.”

Big talk, but there’s no denying Dot.s are putting out some fun music. Influences have been varied, with tracks seeming to draw on everything from new wave, to house, to indie pop. Indeed, ‘dance music’ seems something of misnomer – most of the music is electronic-led but the structure and ethos of recent work in particular seems much more akin to a post punk act experimenting with sounds.

2019 has represented a concentrated period of productivity after a fallow 2018, with seven singles released (perhaps the future skeleton of an album). The wobbly and elegant “Evil Lines” and the Springsteen-esque “Remaining Years” are perhaps the pick of the bunch.


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