Introducing: Dog in the Snow

Dog in the SnowA little bit Esben & The Witch, a little bit Shrag and a little bit Mechanical Bride; it’s not all that surprising that Dog in the Snow, the new project from singer-songwriter Helen Ganya Brown, calls Brighton home.

Deadpan vocals about rejection and heartbreak run, as vibrantly as they can, through lead song “Factory”. There’s something immeasurably cool (and cold) about Brown’s vocal, calling to mind the deadpan nonchalance of the greatest 80s Kylie tracks. The song practically begs for the future legendary status of its owner. Previous and debut single “Fire in the Sky” breaks through the lo-fi ruckus to present blood drenched lyrics and the kind of piano line Love Thy Neighbour dream of. Needless to say, listening to Dog in the Snow now and catching the tide ahead of the tsunami could prove to be a very good idea.

Existential mystery shrouds the project – we’re guessing ‘Dog in the Snow’ has something to do with Kafka’s Metamorphoses – but a recent interview with Lauren from CHVRCHES helps to shed a little light.

For further information about Dog in the Snow, keep tabs on Brown’s Facebook page. “Factory” will be released as a single on 3rd March 2014 through Tidal Wave Sounds. Listen to it below.


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