Introducing: COMPNY

COMPNYAnonymity is not something that's easy to come by in this age of constant blogging and tweeting. It's no surprise that many bands have recently decided to keep themselves to themselves, and let their music do the talking. The only fact I can find about COMPNY, apart from their name and music, is that they're from Brighton.

It's a good start. In fact, you need only look at other vowel disregarding, R&B softie band The Weeknd, to know this definitely is not a bad thing for an artist, especially if their music holds up well. COMPNY pass this test with flying colours.

First and only single "Begging Me To Come Back", released through their Soundcloud page, comes in very strong; all tropical rhythms, Two Door Cinema-like guitar and twinkling piano. The vocals are a breeze, urging us that "I don't know what it is, I don't know who we are" over a ridiculously funky bass line. It's a song whose mournful vocals are at odds with fun music, and let's be honest, all the best songs are like that.

The boy(s) and/or girl(s) of COMPNY shouldn't be worried about revealing their identities any time soon, because based on this one song, they don't need any materialistic help. It's a great thing, with the music industry as it is, when a band are able to excel without any sort of image, and COMPNY have shown in three minutes that they have the pop prowess to do exactly that. Keep in the shadows for now, because I'm sure you won't be much longer.

Listen to "Begging Me To Come Back" below and find out (a little) more here.


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