Introducing: Circe

CirceMusic doesn't come much fresher than this. With her debut single "Blood and Wine" released only a few days ago and barely a trace of her online (with the exception of a few mysterious images on her Instagram page), Circe is certainly an intriguing prospect... Much like her namesake enchantress in Homer's Odyssey.

Signed to Jazz Life, the label owned by Brighton alternative rock duo Blood Red Shoes, the single showcases her dreamy yet effervescent psych-pop, her hypnotic vocals soaring atop a steady splash of cymbals and simple guitar chords, with layers of vocals filling out the rest of the sound. It has the soaring quality of My Bloody Valentine and the rhythmic uniformity of The National, while her vocals bear the folkier twang of Laura Marling or Emmy the Great but with lashings of reverb to give it that euphoric tone.

Find out what you can about Circe and listen to "Blood and Wine" below.


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