Introducing: Blacklit Canopy

Blacklip CanopyA Bristol two-piece who always ensure you have a nice, heavy atmosphere to enjoy their ambient pop to; Blacklit Canopy have fared pretty well since the release of their debut EP The Patient Demos. Their setlist has graced many of the city's favoured indie stages, with even the occasional sell-out crowd getting to enjoy unique popular covers alongside their original, ostentatious material.

Leo Faulkner and Gemma Mathews extract an extraordinary amount of noise from a minimally instrumented concept and DIY debut set of tracks. Their lyricism dips from the empowering "Don't Let The World Swallow You" to "Graves"; where the central character seems to have already succumbed to despair.

As Radiohead and Bon Iver cross-overs go, the songwriting is often conceivably bleak, but gripping, and with an exceptionally well harmonized call that wouldn't be easy to ignore in a saturated crowd of contemporaries. Recent times have seen the arrival of their first music video, "Will", which throws jittering avant garde filmage behind guitar work always finding the right place among vocals that hover just on the precipice of  perfect high pitch.

The pair confirmed on their Facebook page  that they'll be performing at this year's 2000trees festival; a fine avenue to get a little more discovery and really push themselves out to the right audience. In the meantime you can listen/download The Patient Demos EP to your heart's content - as we certainly have - through their Bandcamp, so as to set yourself up as an eager and early admirer.


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