Introducing: Black Belt Eagle Scout

black belt eagle scoutWith deep Pacific Northwest roots and Native American influences, Black Belt Eagle Scout aka Katherine Paul hails from Portland. The multi-instrumentalist is influenced by her hometown to join together a sound that harmonizes gritty guitar with silky vocals. Her debut album, Mother of My Children, was released in September 2018 and documents a mystical journey where Paul engages her soul, exploring her identity and the losses that come from her self-realization as an indigenous queer woman.

Paul grew up in the Swinomish Native Tribal Community, and as a child, was immediately immersed in music. From Native American music traditions and garnering creativity from rock bands such as Nirvana and Hole, Paul began learning various instruments. She ultimately relocated to the Portland area for college and her involvement in the local music scene inevitably began. After shuffling through a few bands, Paul released her first Black Belt Eagle Scout EP in 2014.

Mother of My Children, released under independent label Saddle Creek, contains an intrepid use of gritty guitar in her single "Soft Stud" that are counterbalanced by lyrical melodies in "I Don't Have You In My Life". Paul stays true to who she is throughout the album while also providing interesting music that feels like a dreamscape. The album amassed much positive attention, and Paul wrapped up her fall tour supporting her record in mid-November. She will carry her momentum into the new year, hopefully with new tour dates and music.

Find out more about Black Belt Eagle Scout on Facebook and listen to "I Don't Have You In My Life" below.


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