Introducing: Bernard + Edith

Bernard + EdithIt takes a full minute for this song by Bernard + Edith to kick in. When it does, there’s no going back. It’s definitely worth the thumb fiddling wait.

The band are a Manchester based duo in possession of a talent that truly defies the modern music scene. “Poppy” demands chart space. It insists the British greats make room for the new duo, and it will probably dominate dance floors across the nation by the end of the spring. The background instrumentation of “Poppy” is purely ambient. The soul infused and punk born vocals of Edith take precedent, churning and gorging their way into your head to occupy all going space.

Bernard + Edith will release “Poppy” on 31st March 2014 through DIY and art-punk label Sway Records, who have also signed MONEY and Naked on Drugs of late.

Watch the video for “Poppy” below and find out more about Bernard + Edith here.


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