Introducing: Beau

beauWhatever kind of music an artist makes, if they're from New York they always seem to possess a certain grit. Whether it's The Strokes' signature drawl, The Ramones' gravely guitar, or even El-P's cutting flow; the city stays rich in an artist's veins.

The same can definitely be said of Beau, a band that makes no bones about being from "New fuckin' York." Not that you would compare their sound to any of the artists I've previously mentioned. Instead, Beau are a lesson in beautiful 70s folk, with that signature New York dirty streak.

The two-piece - made up of childhood friends Heather Golden and Emma Rose (I hope these are their real names) - recently announced the release of their debut album, That Thing Reality, due on Kitsuné on 11th March 2016. They also played their first ever UK date in London in November. To accompany all of this, Beau are currently streaming their new single "Mosquito", a track that starts with a menacing riff, before shifting into a foot-stomping slice of folk brilliance.

It'd be easy to compare the band's acoustic-driven emotional pop to Lana Del Ray. However, apart from the nonchalant snarl behind both acts, Beau don't share space with Ms Grant. Where Lana is polished and preening, Beau possess a raw bite that only an emerging duo such as this could harness - an attitude that permeates their music throughout. It turns songs like "C'mon Please" into the folk reply to Elliphant's "One More" - very dark, and very fun.

I guess New York is a state of mind. And Beau totally embody it.

Watch Beau's fantastic new video for "Mosquito" below, and check out more of their music and videos here.


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