Introducing: Baker Island

Baker IslandHaving just returned from visiting my granddad in Tyneside, it seems appropriate that my next recommendation is a Newcastle based artist. Baker Island is a five-piece garage noise pop band, characterised by their sharp, punchy guitar sound and Sean Dodds' raw vocal tone. There is a certain restlessness to their music, which sees them frame Sean's pessimistic lyrical themes within a loud, hook driven sound that is often frantic and euphoric.

The way the vocals are positioned within their sound hints at an almost apologetic approach to their moody lyricism, sitting alongside (or even behind) the mesh of instruments, rather than proudly in front. "Demolishing the Fourth Wall", the opening track to their second album Restless Legs, released in August this year, opens the record with a pulsating blend of guitar, drums, and synth that rings of Editors and Interpol. The lyrics are often difficult to make out - it's as though the lyrics are a means of transmitting their music, rather than the other way round.

With support from BBC radio - the likes of Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq, and Tom Ravenscroft - the future for the band is certainly looking a lot less bleak than the outlook suggested by their lyrics...

Find out more about Baker Island and listen to "Demolishing the Fourth Wall" below.


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