Introducing: Ace of Wands

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A three-piece act from Toronto, Ontario, and with a name inspired by its tarot card counterpart, Ace of Wands is the dark, spiritual project of front woman Lee Rose.

Using rock'n'roll as a base, the project also has classical influences like violin and modern folk, pulled together by Rose, guitarist Anna Mernieks and drummer Jody Brumell. Both avant garde and modern, Ace of Wands draw influence from many genres of music, while incorporating cinematic soundscapes into each song. When you blend all of that together, the result is a complex, psychedelic indie-rock sound.

"Float the Flood", a song from Ace of Wand's 2018 release Lioness, comprises silky vocals and heavy-hitting guitar riffs with lyrics that truly pierce your soul. Lee says that the song is about a difficult time she went through in a relationship where she felt suffocated and had a hard time expressing her emotions. She saw herself as a fog and an "endless mess of water and murk."

Despite this internal conflict, beauty is transposed into every song Rose writes. The tarot card that inspires the band's name has a complex meaning, from growth to spiritual balance. It's a meaning that's intertwined within each song. The trio has a couple of summer shows lined up in their hometown throughout the summer, and you can stream "Float the Flood" below.


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