The Coathangers play it rough and smooth on Nosebleed Weekend
Brash female punk trio The Coathangers emerged from the DIY basement scene in Atlanta 10 years ago. Their 5th album finds them recording at the histo...more
PJ Harvey creates international tremors with The Hope Six Demolition Project
The Hope Six Demolition Project continues in the vein of seminal album Let England Shake, with songs on poverty, war and environmental destruction ins...more
Introducing: Alex The Astronaut
Folktronica artist Alex the Astronaut is a curious storyteller: bright, young, well travelled and already a mature and accomplished musician. She hail...more
The Magnetic North explore spiritual dimension with Prospect of Skelmersdale
'Jai Guru Dev' is a blessing in the Transcendental Meditation movement, delivered when entering a house. It also sets the urban meets mystical tone of...more
Introducing: I Am David
David Smith, a 20-year-old musician from Bath, started life as a drummer - though you wouldn’t think it from his delicate, ethereal songs. He focuse...more
Flats & Sharps are pitch-perfect on King of My Mind
Five-piece Flats & Sharps deliver a one band folk festival on King of My Mind, from high energy main stage songs to gentler acoustic tent numbers....more
Immersion resurface with Analogue Creatures
Analogue Creatures is only the fourth release from minimalist techno duo Immersion since they formed in the early 90s. The project is a foray into am...more
Tuff Love deliver three years of grunge pop via Resort
You can only put off releasing an album for so long. After three years of recording fuzzy grunge pop songs in a Glasgow flat, Julie Eisenstein and Su...more
Fufanu unleash nightmarish debut Few More Days To Go
The Icelandic duo take a blow torch to their early techno sound on their debut album, Few More Days To Go. Electronic noises fizz and crackle on opene...more
Secret Garden Party 2015 @ Abbots Ripton, 23 – 26/07/2015
Secret Garden Party 2015 promises a world of childhood magic and adventure, with a programme emulating a golden era of children’s literature. The bo...more