Everything Everything are lost in A Fever Dream
In the seven years since Everything Everything hatched their jabbering debut Man Alive, a record that seemed destined to be filed alongside Fenech So...more
Introducing: Esther Joy
Lord, it's dark out. Hot, wretched evenings punctuated by the rattling of teeth and the burning of tiki torches. Someone's friend got hit, or they saw...more
DrunkenWerewolf’s Alternative Mercury Prize List 2017
It's that time of the summer when every UK music fan stares at a list of albums - one that somehow, unfeasibly, seems to include The xx every year - a...more
Waxahatchee makes her voice heard on Out in the Storm
There’s a pivotal scene that closes out the first season of Spaced, the cult TV debut of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright, in which...more
5 Classic Albums Influenced by Bristol Bands
Once in a while, the country stops to pay homage to the rich tapestry of music that has flowed out of Bristol over the decades. Ah, yes! London says...more
Introducing: All Dogs
Maryn Jones could take a lot of credit. The former Saintseneca and Yowler singer is something of an indie-confessional institution; after forming All ...more
Introducing: Bad Bad Hats
"Midway between the end and the start," vocalist Kerry Alexander sings, midway through, uh, "Midway", "I cried like a baby, I tore you apart..." And ...more
Parklife 2017 @ Manchester, 10-11/06/2017
"I lived here for three years, you know," I drunkenly tell the third bartender that evening. The Canadian, stood next to me, looks unimpressed. I left...more
Introducing: Confidence Man
Sometimes you just know. Not necessarily whether they're going to be famous per se, but that they're already special - right now, you just can't work ...more
Farmfest 2017: This Is The Kit’s Ultimate Road Trip Playlist
Farmfest 2017 is upon us once more, and of all the artists we're buzzing about - Oliver Wilde, BC Camplight, Goan Dogs, and the legendary Roots Manu...more