Introducing: Molly Sarlé
The chilly feeling of a sunrise walk on Appalachian morning is captured through the solo project of Mountain Man member Molly Sarlé. Sarlé's music ...more
Introducing: Esbie Fonte
Growing up in a house full of music, Esbie Fonte has been immersed in the arts her entire life. Even as a young girl, she was familiar with the trial...more
Introducing: Wych Elm
Macabre storytelling underpins the music of Wych Elm, who weave vivid imagery into silky smooth, rhythmic melodies. The band hails from Bristol and c...more
Introducing: Swimming Bell
Lush acoustics drive the ethereal, enchanted sound of Swimming Bell, the solo project of Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Katie Schottland. Schottlan...more
Introducing: Ryan Traster
Singer-songwriter Ryan Traster hails from Minneapolis but has spent a good part of his career touring the world. With symphonic, silky rhythms and lyr...more
Introducing: Century Babes
"Swim", the debut single from Detroit-based rock quartet Century Babes uses seamless harmonies, buzzing guitars, and infectious hooks to create an i...more
Introducing: Ace of Wands
[caption id="attachment_40413" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ace of Wands[/caption] A three-piece act from Toronto, Ontario, and with a name inspire...more
Introducing: Shana Cleveland
If you ever find yourself driving on a desert highway at dusk, do yourself a favour and have Shana Cleveland's Night of the Worm Moon on your road tri...more
Introducing: Mystic Peach
With soaring, silky vocals and heavy guitar riffs, Mystic Peach hail from Southampton. The band has a nostalgic yet modern sound that's reminiscent o...more
Stef Chura shows growth on new album Midnight
Stef Chura's sophomore album Midnight is a progressive sonic exploration into the depths of collaborative songwriting. With Will Toledo (Car Seat Head...more