They Might Be Giants – The Spine (2004)
If the Group Recording Unimportant Music Polls (GRUMP) decided to find out how each and every They Might Be Giants fan was exposed to the band, I imag...more
Can you rate pop videos without rating artists?
It’s hard to score a combo in controversy. Generally the idea is to stir the pot and let it simmer for a while; otherwise there’s no time to take ...more
Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans (2004)
Few things make more sense than Sufjan Stevens and a banjo. This unassuming Michigan man and his most familiar instrument have entwined many a soul, r...more
Roy Harper – Man and Myth
What’s there left to do, if one is Roy Harper? This is a folk musician who pervades culture and music in many different strides. Acknowledged by J...more
Laura Veirs – Warp and Weft
With a new Laura Veirs album, figuring out what lays ahead is no simple guessing game. Each release from her comes bundled with a old folk tale or two...more
Feeder – Comfort In Sound (2003)
The dual edged irony of Comfort in Sound, Feeder’s brightest moment in the spotlight, is that it stems from their darkest. Eleven years on and ta...more
Anna Von Hausswolff – Ceremony
Already acknowledged as an unrecognized triumph of 2012, the second full length album by Swedish singer songwriter and (more importantly) pianist Ann...more
Emily Wells – Mama
If a picture speaks a thousand words, then that cover art sings the whole album. Juggling childish innocence with a veiled maturity, the MO of Texas b...more
Interview: Sparrow and the Workshop
One of those darlings in the rough, three-piece Glasgow group Sparrow and the Workshop have, since their formation in early 2008, lived by a single fu...more
Dungeonesse – Dungeonesse
Just when you think you’ve sussed a form of music enough to brand it as valueless, some clever souls find a way to turn it over and expose what’...more