Monomyth – Saturnalia Regalia!
With their atmospheric bar permanently set to a sobering high, Monomyth are a four-piece Halifax harbinger of their own exclusively labelled ‘janglo...more
Introducing: Blacklit Canopy
A Bristol two-piece who always ensure you have a nice, heavy atmosphere to enjoy their ambient pop to; Blacklit Canopy have fared pretty well since t...more
Introducing: Shorts
To get a leg up on the New York indie scene, Melbourne’s Mikael Caterer had just the right idea when he formed his new venture Shorts. Not simply a...more
Ninebarrow – When The Blackthorn Burns
Many treasured folk artists are often hesitant with the labels written on their chest. After all, most only write with just a passing reference to old...more
Elephant – Sky Swimming
Elephant are a lo-fi music loving pair whose work harks back to the heyday of bedroom pop, both in the technical and literal harking sense. Last year ...more
Interview: Odonis Odonis
Odonis Odonis are our iron-hot lead into a next wave of led lined, tough as nails live acts from the Great White North, but this Toronto-trio are mor...more
Marika Hackman – Deaf Heat EP
Hampshire nu-folk diva-to-be Marika Hackman has dished out only fair sized portions of her melancholic compositions thus far. Last year her That Iron ...more
Ieuan Williams – Love and The Minor Key
The world has a long history of people picking up their guitars and asking us to listen. That's led us nicely to Ieuan Williams. This Welsh born acou...more
Mogwai – Rave Tapes
Mogwai aren’t a band you associate with the word ‘rave’, at least in the traditional sense. Unless the venue is a bunker in the Highlands, with...more
Jimmy Eat World – Futures (2004)
Few songs can ever encapsulate a moment. Sure, live performances can easily imprint a set list of memories, but in trying to remember an individual li...more