Tiffany Daniels


Working as a freelance music journalist, editor, copywriter and occasional business person; native Bristolian Tiffany studied English Literature and Archaeology at the University of Liverpool. She also contributes to UCAS, Metro, Time Out, WOW 247, EllenwoodEP, and others, and works as the Executive Assistant for Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine in Bristol. Consuming new music faster than water and speaking cat language are among her additional skills, as well as having an unhealthy obsession with castles. Tweets from @shadowboxxing.


Matthew Neale (Reviews Sub Editor)

Matthew Neale

Deputy Editor

Matthew has been paid to hold all manner of unlikely responsibilities over the years, such as managing cocktail bars, DJing student pubs, patrolling car parks, and not talking about what he saw that night. Having lived in five other cities across the UK, Matthew nonetheless considers Bristol to be his spiritual home. He has his own fancy website....




Sam Flintlock (News Sub Editor)

Sam Flintlock

News Sub Editor

Living in a dank pit surrounded by half finished manifestos, Sam has the bitter cynicism only a disillusioned romantic is capable of. He likes all kinds of music (including rap and country). He neither listens to music ironically or as a "guilty pleasure" because he's not an idiot. So yes, he does indeed believe that Daphne & Celeste are pop music perfected.  And will happily expound on that point given the slightest excuse. He likes cats, coffee, comics and alliteration. Tweets from @samflintlock..



_20_00131 (2)Hannah Wakeman

Live Review Sub Editor

Having been an English and Journalism graduate for over a year now, Hannah finds herself attempting adulthood working in digital marketing. As well as being an all round writing enthusiast, she’s a bit of a music tart, listening to psychedelic pop right through to trip hop. Although approaching the life stage where it’s fun to stay in, she still enjoys going to every gig and festival she can fit into her hip and happening lifestyle. Tweets from @wakeman_hannah.



11935679_10153165189895172_4659692523945207818_oJessica Brough

New Music Sub Editor

Jessica has been hooked on writing about new music ever since she found out you can get free stuff if you do. She is also head over heels in love with it, which helps. She once cut all her hair off because she couldn't be arsed to bring a hair dryer and straighteners with her on holiday and plans to grow her fro out till she can convincingly pose as Jimi Hendrix for Halloween. Her finest moment to this day has been writing and performing a song about maths parodied off “Ice Ice Baby”, her favourite song is "Gimme Shelter" and her least favourite word is Millennial. Tweets from @Jessica_Brough