TIGERCUB, Dilly Dally @ The Louisiana, Bristol, 26/01/2016

Dilly Dally - The TouchTaking on the UK live circuit for the first time, Toronto punk band Dilly Dally are in high spirits. They’ve just made a feature appearance on the new NME website, following a recent cover of Drake’s “Know Yourself” - a rendition of which they obediently perform tonight. With debut album Sore underneath their belt and whisky shots lined up in preparation for their set, it’s clear from the moment we step into The Louisiana, we’re in for a treat.

First up though are equally anticipated and well received support act, TIGERCUB. Hailing from Brighton, the trio perform classic punk pop with a riotous and highly enjoyable twist of energy on stage. In presence if not sound they’re reminiscent of Johnny Foreigner, putting absolutely everything into their set.

Between songs from their current mini album Repressed Semantics, TIGERCUB joke with the front row as though they’re long-time friends. Perhaps they are: Big Jeff dutifully presents. The set is only marginally spoiled by someone clearly known to the band but apparently no one else, who jumps on stage and turns the last two songs into Test Icicles style screamo. The slow jog towards shoulder jerking headbanging is put on hold a most back away and consider beating the queue to the bar.

Dilly Dally are in comparison low key for much of their set. The Partisan signees arrive quarter of an hour late, and take quarter of an hour to play the first two songs due to technical difficulties. Somehow it doesn’t matter. Front woman Katie Monks is so Canadian in her apology, her bumbling approach to stage chat provides endearing entertainment. Her band mates’ lack of involvement also perfectly suits the sulky teenage grunge stereotype (though Dilly Dally are past that phase of their life by a few years). Put together with their impressive back catalogue of sound – performing songs from Sore alongside their debut single “Candy Mountain” - the whole thing just works.

Towards the end of the night, predictably a mosh pit erupts in the centre of the room. We’ve always taken issue with this happening in the Louisiana, as the venue is so small bystanders are more liable to get hurt, and not be able to get away without leaving entirely. Tonight however something special happens. Pinned against the wall, two bulky men edge towards me and I think, “Fab, it’s expanding right into my lap.” Except these men do not advance to cause a bigger riot, they block the riot from enveloping me and those unwilling participants also nearby. It’s a pretty fab example of a mosh pit done right, by no small coincidence at a punk rock gig – and a damn decent one at that.

Stream: Dilly Dally release angry punk cover of Drake’s “Know Yourself”

Know YourselfToronto indie punk natives Dilly Dally have released a cover of "Know Yourself". The band take the original (by another Toronto denizen, rapper Drake) and make it their own.

Often, there’s something of a predictable template to these kind of covers. Take the original song and speed it up, smothering it in layers of irony. Thankfully, Dilly Dally have done something far more interesting and original with "Know Yourself".

They take Drake’s original and make it their own. The downbeat glumness of the song is still there, but Dilly Dally have added some truly seething anger to the mix. It’s still slow, but it’s now the slowness of barely repressed rage.

"Know Yourself" always feels like it’s about to blow, but never quite does. This is what a cover should be; a reinterpretation of the original that brings a new perspective without falling into homage or parody. Dilly Dally take "Know Yourself" and let us look at it with fresh eyes.

The band were first filmed covering the song at 2015’s CMJ FADER Fort. The cover proved so popular that they decided to release an official version. See tour dates below.

January - 22nd @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // 23rd @ Castle Hotel, Manchester // 24th @ Broadcast, Glasgow // 25th @ Hare and Hounds, Birmingham // 26th @ Louisiana, Bristol // 27th @ Green Door Centre, Brighton // 29th @ West End Centre, Aldershot

Dilly Dally’s debut album Sore is out now on Partisan Records. Find out more about Dilly Dally on Facebook and stream "Know Yourself" below:

Video: Dilly Dally get raw for “The Touch”

Dilly Dally - The TouchToronto grunge act Dilly Dally have shared a new video for their latest single, "The Touch". The song is taken from their debut album, Sore, which is out now via Partisan Records.

Directed by photographer David Waldman, the video features an overlapping exposure collage of the band performing in an underground basement. Lead singer Katie Monks explains the story behind the song and video: "I wrote this song for a friend of mine who was having suicidal thoughts. I felt this huge sense of urgency, and wanted to nurture him in anyway I possible could: sexually, emotionally, and then finally realized that I could help him through music. It was all very instinctual. The song attempts to reach him in his dark place, and then lure him away from there. The chorus in this song is very sweet and gentle. It is meant to be comforting and remind him of romance and the softness of a woman's touch. If that isn't enough to live for, then I don't know what is.

David Waldman, a Toronto-based music photographer of over ten years, is who we turned to for the music video. His direction helped us illuminate the DIY punk scene that Dilly Dally has spawned from here in our city. It is a very honest and practical video that shows the band jamming in a dusty basement, and then going on our usual run to the convenient store. The video is also laced with dark, symbolic and ghostly imagery. It is meant to be an empowering piece for women, and inspiring for those who struggle with depression."

Dilly Dally recently announced their first ever UK headline tour to take place in January 2016. The tour begins with a headline show at Victoria, London on 7th before their Bristol show at The Louisiana on 26th. Catch them on one of the following live dates.

January - 7th @ Victoria, London // 22nd @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // 23rd @ Castle Hotel, Manchester // 24th @ Broadcast, Glasgow // 25th @ Hare and Hounds, Birmingham // 26th @ The Louisiana, Bristol // 27th @ Green Door Centre, Brighton // 29th @ West End Centre, Aldershot

Watch the video for "The Touch" below. For more information on Dilly Dally head over here.

Dilly Dally boast raw emotion on Sore

SoreWith mounting critical acclaim and a devoted fan base already nestled securely in their quarter; Toronto based band Dilly Dally looked set to successfully conquer 2015 before details of their debut album, Sore, were even announced. Now with the record tucked safely under Partisan Records' arm, the four-piece stare wide-eyed at international dominance and a lengthy, prosperous career.

Tension has certainly built in the run up to the release of this full length. With lead singles "Desire" and "Purple Rage" putting in a lot of the leg work, and blogs bowing at their every whim, Dilly Dally have already carved out a reputation as a band who have mastered their craft and are ready to take on the world. As with the quartet's previously released material, Sore manipulates a loud/quiet dynamic with the sheer audacity of a band formed in a Seattle basement circa 1994. Influences such as Kurt Cobain and Pixies have predictably been bandied about, but Sore is simultaneously timeless and rooted in US rock culture. That Dilly Dally fermented over a twelve year period, beginning with the high school friendship of band members Katie Monks and Liz Ball, is testament to the longevity of their music.

Sore captures the spirit of Dilly Dally - something that should come as no surprise to those who have thus far followed the act. While "Desire" acts as an opener and touchstone for the established fan, following track "Ballin Chain" successfully connects with the grrrl party scene and bands such as Chastity Belt. Elsewhere front woman Katie Monks' vocal explodes and implodes all over "Snake Head", a nonchalant snarl that puts the singer in the same ballpark as Courtney BarnettSore does classic punk too, clearly demonstrated on the rowdy, chorus led "The Touch" and dual vocal "Green".

Taken in one dose this album is a strong punch to the gut of love and lust, but every now and again a sort of comfortable laziness infects Dilly Dally's sound. It shouldn't be overlooked, because it's just as much a strength as the empowering emotion so many other critics have touched upon. In Sore Dilly Dally have created a seminal slacker rock meets grunge punk album for the 21st century, and frankly we only want more if it's coming from them.

Release: 9th October 2015, Partisan Records

Dilly Dally share new video for “Purple Rage”

Dilly DallyAs one of our favourite bands at the moment; we just can't get enough of indie rock band Dilly Dally. With their debut album Sore just around the corner, the Toronto four-piece have shared a new video for single, "Purple Rage".

A fiery rock anthem that packs a wallop, the new video coincides with the song's theme of anger and emotion as front woman Katie Monks becomes a purple swamp monster consumed by rage. According to Monks, the monster symbolises feelings of dejection and anger: "Rage is a very surreal, and grotesque emotion, so for the video we wanted my character to embody that," Monks explains. "What I was amazed with was the huge amount of people who kept trying to interrupt what we were trying to do."

"I stopped being another human being walking around downtown Toronto, I became an invitation for mean comments, dirty looks, terrible jokes, horrible screams, the list goes on. This video captures some of those moments, and tells a story about a gross monster who just doesn't fit in."

Dilly Dally have also announced their first ever UK headline tour to take place in January 2016. The tour begins with a headline show at Victoria, London on 7th before their Bristol show at The Louisiana on 26th. We'll be rocking out in the front row, so by all means join us and catch their live dates below.

January - 7th @ Victoria, London // 22nd @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // 23rd @ Castle Hotel, Manchester // 24th @ Broadcast, Glasgow // 25th @ Hare and Hounds, Birmingham // 26th @ The Louisiana, Bristol // 27th @ Green Door Centre, Brighton // 29th @ West End Centre, Aldershot 

Sore is out on 9th October via Partisan Records. Watch the new video for "Purple Rage" below and for more information on Dilly Dally head over here.

Interview: Dilly Dally bare their teeth

Dilly DallyHere at DrunkenWerewolf, we’re drunk on Dilly Dally, and everything surrounding their upcoming debut album, Sore. Last month, we licked the salt and took our first shot when the Toronto based indie rock band released their debut single, “Desire”, a fiery track about sexual release. Not long after, the Benjamin Dabu-directed music video for “Desire” premiered and left us warm and in touch with heavy and raw emotions. You know what they say about emotions – better drink up! And of course, we can’t forget that Dilly Dally most recently dropped “Purple Rage”, another exceptional preview of what is to come from Sore. Regardless of how drunk we are, let’s make one thing clear right now: Dilly Dally is a name to be remembered.

While we wait for the album to be released, our writer Lanny Lieu speaks to lovely lead vocalist, Katie Monks, about Sore, Dilly Dally's aesthetic, and the ongoing movement for equality in the music industry.

Hey Dilly Dally! What have you all been up to recently? I saw you have some US dates lined up for tour next month! 

So, so excited for tour. Just gunning up all our gear. All our songs. Saving cash for our relentless journey into the States.


I was listening to Sore last night and couldn't stop thinking about how consistently strong the album is as a whole. It's easily one of my favourite albums to be released this autumn. How are you guys feeling about the release?  

Feeling anxious, and excited. It's been a long journey, to get here, so there is a great sense of accomplishment. But mostly, there is this huge underlying truth behind it all that's saying, "This is just the fuckin start."

One of the first things I noticed about your forthcoming album is the art that's been associated with it. There's the cover art for "Desire" with the bloody ice cream and pink backdrop as well as the album art with the gems and the bloody tongue. What inspired you to use these two pieces?

What I can mainly speak of is the cover art for the album. It's really close to me.

I was lying in bed with one of the most free-spirited artists I know. We were in love, but also on the verge of breaking up. This image came to mind. And yeah, it was just like a vision. The oversized hunk of jewelry on a girls tongue. Pink glossy lips. Almost like a make-up commercial gone wrong. Very empowering, and sexy to me. I knew it had to be the cover of our album.

As this relationship fizzled out, we agreed to stay in touch specifically for the sake of making this image come to life. It was a really beautiful and cathartic time. Almost like we channeled whatever energy we had left for each other into this piece. And then it was over.

Dilly Dally has been together as a four-piece for a while now. How did you narrow your last couple of years worth of material into the 11 songs that made it on to Sore? Was it a difficult process?

No. It's easy for us to cut the fat, because we had such a potent vision. We could all see it. We all knew which songs were the strongest. But I guess there's this one song about falling in love with a dinosaur that I really wanted on the record. It's called "Dino-song". Haha too bad!

How did you get in touch with producers such as Josh Korody and Leon Taheny and what was it like working with them?

We knew them because we had recorded with them before. From our earlier sessions with Josh and Leon, a friendship had spawned. I really love and respect them as artists so much. When we went to mix the album with Rob in LA, it felt scary at first, like leaving the nest. But it ended up being an amazing session. Plus LA has great kush.

Are there any messages you'd like your audience to take away from listening to this record?

Listen to your gut.

Anger is positive.

Loud music is fun.

Everyone has a voice.

Look after your friends.

But seriously, there are many undertones. Many messages. If you can't understand my voice, we will be posting lyrics once the release is out.

As you might have heard, music journalist, Jessica Hopper, recently started a conversation on Twitter about misogyny and oppression in music. As a female fronted band, what are your thoughts on the marginalization of minorities in music? What do you believe can be improved upon in this industry? 

There is a movement happening. There is a change. And that is incredible to be in the midst of. So happy to be making music at this time. What can be improved upon is the tone in which we are able to discuss these issues. A person who speaks out against oppression is not doing it to get attention, or stir the media pot. They are doing it as basic self-defense, and it's not a fucking headline.

Dilly Dally will release their debut album Sore on 9th October 2015 in the UK. Check back for a review soon, and find out more about the band here.

Dilly Dally share new single “Purple Rage”

Dilly Dally Toronto indie rockers Dilly Dally have shared another new track from their highly anticipated debut album, Sore. The record is due out on 9th October via Partisan Records.

"Purple Rage" follows previous release "Desire", and packs on hell of a wallop! Screeching guitar lines and snarled vocals from lead singer and guitarist Katie Monks ensure we're in for a wild ride in this nail-biting power anthem.

Talking about the new track Monks says: "Anger is such a powerful emotion. This song is meant to be an anthem for channeling all the rage we have into something positive. When I have been badly hurt in the past, I am usually filled with a huge amount of energy. I always try to use that energy to make myself 'stronger' and 'tougher.' For me, that has meant working harder on the band plus my art shit, quitting cigarettes cold turkey after being a pack a day smoker, dying my hair weird colors, investing more energy into my friends...all kinds of stuff. It's kinda like you become a superhero version of yourself...and no one can fuck with you."

Sore is a dynamic debut album that rarely lets up. It's both heavy and melodic, with pop sensibilities that shine through the noise - alluding to influences such as Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers, and The Pogues. Monks calls Sore "all that and a bag of weed."

"Sore is an album about rebirth," she says, "hence its disgusting guitar tones and constant moaning. What can I say, happiness is a struggle, but the last thing I'd ever want you or anyone else to do is give up that fight."

Listen to "Purple Rage" below. Pre-order your copy of Sore here and for more information on Dilly Dally head over here.

Dilly Dally share new video for “Desire”

Dilly Dally photo 1 credit David Waldman SMALLToronto indie rockers Dilly Dally have shared their video for new single, "Desire". The song is taken from their debut album Sore, which is due out through Partisan Records on 9th October.

Directed by Benjamin Dabu, the video sees the Toronto four-piece go through various scenarios as their minds wander off into a dreamland; before coming together, performing and posing in a pastel-draped fantasy environment. Lead singer Katie Monks' raw and smokey vocal projects her literal embodiment of desires as she screams, dressed in lingerie and drenched in milk.

"Allowing yourself to dream, and fantasize, is something that happens mostly in your youth," Monk explains. "While we grew up in the wretchedly boring / culturally dry depths of Suburbia, there wasn't much else to do but dream all day. We were still babies, and it seemed as though anything was possible. All in our mid twenties now, we've been hacking away at those goals in the city of Toronto for years. We've grown sour, sore, and even bitter at times... but those daydreaming skills have never faded."

"This video is an ode to that youthful part of yourself that lets you escape your daily routine and unleash whatever strange ideas you may have up there (in your soul or mind or whatever). Sex, music, perfume, silk sheets & swank champagne... I don't give a fuck what is. Discover what it is you want or need in your life and chase it down with every bit of strength you've got. And remember, your friends can always help you out: Director Benjamin Dabu, came with us on a mad run last month trying to make some of these visions a reality. The journey of it all was a beautiful mess, and shit ton of fun. Cheers to you, Ben. Much love."

Debut album Sore is out on 9th October 2015 via Partisan Records. Watch the video to "Desire" below and for more information on Dilly Dally head over here.

Introducing: Dilly Dally

Dilly Dally photo 1 credit David Waldman SMALLPartisan Records' most recent signees, Dilly Dally, have been steadily gaining momentum over the past year through their 2014 CMJ performance, the release of their prior singles, “Next Gold” and “Candy Mountain”, and the press they've received from some of the biggest music publications around. Everyone in music, at some point, has paid this quartet attention, and for a good reason, too. Hailing from Toronto, Dilly Dally consists of high school friends, Katie Monks (vocals, guitar) and Liz Ball (guitar), as well as Jimmy Tony (bass) and Benjamin Reinhartz (drums). This Canadian four-piece come together to create rock music with a unique twist of grunge pop.

In this day and age, it is difficult to find a female-fronted rock band without a distinct voice at the forefront. Speedy Ortiz and Hop Along are just two prime examples of this, and Dilly Dally is no different. When Monks approaches the mic, she is the drunk friend at the end of the night who has had all her emotions bottled up, ready to spill her heart out at karaoke, and nailing the song better than any of us could sober. Just take a listen to their first single, “Desire”, taken from their forthcoming album, Sore. Monks says “Desire” is "about a huge sexual release, but it's also about fantasies, youth, and purity." Without a doubt, this sentiment is expressed naturally in the single. We're embraced by Monks' slurred yet confident vocals and her soft but persistent repetition of the word 'desire', while being accompanied by some of the most ambitious lead guitar bits that I swear has the guitar, itself, yearning.

Keep in mind, “Desire” is just the first taste of what is to come from this grunge pop outfit. If you like what you hear, be sure to to keep in eye out for Sore when it's released on 9th October.

Listen to "Desire" below and find out more about Dilly Dally here.

Photo credit: David Waldman

Top 10 Songs about Black and Gold

Sparkles. We all love them, right?

There are few things better in life than wearing inappropriately glittery clothes, with the small but mighty exception of the colour black. Together this power couple of colours rule the roost at DW HQ, and probably will for a very long time. So when we were presented with these awesome black gold headphones from Pryma, our world was shaken to its very core. We drooled, we danced, and finally, we were inspired to compile this comprehensive yet bespoke list of songs.

You are welcome.

10// Mary Epworth - Black Doe

Launching straight into the fray with Ms Epworth's "Black Doe", a solid dirge of glorious noise if ever there was one, this track is taken from her often overlooked but still fantabulous debut solo album.

9// Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion


8// Du Blonde - Black Flag

Our outfits very often result in smeared red lipstick also, Beth. You're okay in our books.

7// Buffalo Clover - Fools Gold

Those lungs! Buffalo Clover's Margo Price is now a bona fide star on her own ground, and quite right, too.

6// Tilly & The Wall - Pot Kettle Black

An oldie, but great black song nonetheless: here Tilly & The Wall once again prove that stomping about in a piss is the best way to relay your feelings via the medium of song.

5// Dilly Dally - Next Gold

Screaming? Check. Gold reference? Check. Penchanting for wearing black t-shirts? Check.

4// Love Inks - Black Eye

Otherwise heard as, "YOU'VE GOT BLACK EYE ON YOUR EYE."

3// Bat for Lashes - All Your Gold

By now you've realised this slightly odd excuse for a playlist is actually jam packed with decent music, and Bat for Lashes is no exception.

2// The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

There are only so many black songs you can reference before you get to this 60s hit. Plus, "Paint It Black" invokes dramatic flailing, and that's always a good thing in music.

1// The Horn the Hunt - Gold

When this song came out, we laughed until we cackled. This is the audible embodiment of the most flamboyant black and gold outfit out there, and it's all down to Leeds alt-pop pioneers The Horn the Hunt.