Frigs, Wolf Parade @ Thekla, Bristol, 18/11/2017

Wolf ParadeWhat a night for it. The skies open and a downpour starts just as we're due to leave the house to witness Wolf Parade's return to Bristol. Trudging towards the harbourside despite the weather, a steady trickle of music fans join us on our pilgrimage towards the floating stage of Thekla, which has recently become a member of the elite venues put under threat because of new development in the city centre.

For the EU leg of their tour, the Toronto-based giants are joined by fellow Canadians Frigs, who waste no time in beginning the night once doors are open. The early start time is due to the rigidness of Thekla's Saturday night club, which will ensure the gig is wrapped up by a measly 9:40pm. No bother. The atmosphere is electric and further charged by frontwoman Bria Salmena's impressive stage presence (though she does have a tendency to point at crowd members everytime she sings "you", which only really serves to highlight the repetitiveness of the lyrics). Growling with a guttural, Brody Dalle-meets-Katie Monks style vocal, there's an almost operatic element to Salmena's low voice which elevates them above a simple 'noisy band' status. Signed to Arts & Crafts but relatively unexplored in the UK, the band exit the stage having converted a sizable amount of new fans.

Frigs do their job well and the high energy they evoke continues throughout the interlude. Wolf Parade have amassed an active and dedicated fan base, and before they even hit their first note, audience members swarm the merchandise table. There's the babbling sound of excitement in the air. Coming on stage to the tune of Cry Cry Cry and playing a set that's 40% new record, 60% older material; the band admits they've had little to no sleep, but the ferocity with which they play their instruments doesn't echo their supposed low morale.

There are a few lulls and singing along is less fervent during newer songs (amongst them lead singles "Valley Boy" and "You're Dreaming) which implies the album hasn't yet had time to cement with fans. However, Wolf Parade are not the kind to stubbornly ignore previous work, and classics ranging "Dinner Bells" to "Cloud Shadow on the Mountain" punctuate the night. Combining technical prowess with high energy and gratefulness to be where they are, while no moment of the gig is unconsidered by the band - in the way that someone who really, really cares about their output will hold the reigns - the gig is also effortlessly enjoyable and organic. All hail the Wolf Parade.


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