Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

Wolf Alice - My Love Is CoolWolf Alice reflect the image of a band whose members have grown up with the same ideals in mind. With an era of indie rock bands seeking new techniques and approaches to use in their songwriting in order to really push the envelope, this is undoubtedly to the modern music scene's benefit. My Love Is Cool serves as an ode to rock music. It takes a broad range of influences from different decades, and adds the zeal of Wolf Alice’s candid delivery and desire to evolve sonically.

From Bjork-esque opener “Turn To Dust” to the Bikini Kill style refrain in “You’re a Germ”, My Love Is Cool invites an even wider audience to listen to Wolf Alice’s music, building upon a fan base already won over by debut EP Blush and follow up Creature Songs. Although a progression in sound is immediately apparent, this will not alienate existing fans. Wolf Alice have simply reached a new level, where they can shout the loudest and say all the right things at the same time.

Powerful anthemic swells and riffs feature on “Your Loves Whore”, “Giant Peach” and “Lisbon”, with beefy distortion adding to the controlled chaos. Having these songs juxtapose with the likes of “Silk” and “Soapy Water”, where 80s pop influences shine through, demonstrates the vocal capability of front man Ellie Roswell. She displays inflections not previously heard on the bands' earlier material, switching between the subdued and clamorous  with ease.

There isn’t an element on My Love Is Cool that doesn’t highlight just how far Wolf Alice have come. This is perhaps in part due to the nurturing environment created by independent record label, Dirty Hit, who also released the band's sophomore EP. “Bros” and "Fluffy" are given a makeover, adding a refined edge to what have been fan favourites since their release. The US version also features single "Moaning Lisa Smile", taken from Creature Songs, which is all the more reason to buy two copies.

The London four-piece are set to satisfy fans and critics alike, who have been eagerly awaiting My Love Is Cool's release after their breakthrough 2014. Wolf Alice have created the perfect recipe here. You can now all take a deep breath, relax, and believe the hype.

Release: 22nd June 2015, Dirty Hit


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