Wilsen’s debut delves into the world of dreams

Wilsen - I Go Missing In My SleepI Go Missing in My Sleep is the debut album from Brooklyn-based trio Wilsen, and seems destined to be the backing track to those mystical, twilight hours, when the world is silent and calm. This album gifts you with a fragment of tranquility. It is a secret glimpse into another dimension, made up of raw, humble layers of sound, as honest as music can be, allowing you to experience something somewhat spiritual. It may be a long time coming from Wilsen’s earlier EPs Sirens and Magnolia, released near the start of their career in 2013, but it has undeniably been worth the wait.

Opening song “Centipede” tenderly catapults listeners into a dream world of gentle guitar plucking, ghost-like synth layers, and the mystical vocals of Canadian frontwoman Tamsin Wilsen. An almost eerie introduction to this beautifully hazy eleven track album, each song pulls you further and further from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, leaving you in an untroubled, trance-like state.

As the album progresses the mood shifts slightly, with songs “Garden” and “Kitslano” experimenting with a more prominent drum beat. These songs may have more bite, but they remain triumphant in preserving the magical, fantasy tones through hypnotic waves of electric sound and whispering vocals. Track four’s title "Heavy Steps" seemed almost misplaced considering the fragile nature of the album, but it sits comfortably between tracks, a peaceful and comforting message: "You don’t have to be alone." The sounds evoke feelings of open waters, wintry air, and a sense of nostalgia and loss, whether that is intended. "Heavy Steps" also leaves feelings of a heavy heart.

The album concludes with “I Told You”, layering all previous components to create one grand finale that feels like waking up. It’s fresher and livelier, like the sun breaking through curtains, or being awoken by a sharp gust of wind through your bedroom window. Swiftly, almost abruptly, it awakens you from your reverie with a build-up of synth, percussion, guitar, and almost howling vocals; suddenly it is evident that, although you may go missing in your sleep, you have now been found.

Release: 28th April 2017, Kobalt/Dalliance


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