Wild Beasts say their goodbyes with Last Night All My Dreams Came True

Last Night All My Dreams Came TrueIt’s with a heavy heart that we saw Wild Beasts announce their disbanding back in September. It seems there’s been no big bust-up, and no overbearing sense of hate towards each other either; just the feeling that their time as a band has come to an end. Their parting note - alongside news of Last Night All My Dreams Came True - was every bit as graceful as themselves, wishing to end their time as Wild Beasts on the high tide they’ve ridden until now.

With Wild Beasts spanning nearly 12 years, it felt like they had just begun. Their unique take on mixing indie with pop back in 2008 was a breakthrough from the dominating masculine rock and indie of the time. Exploring femininity, class, and politics with heartfelt sentiment was a welcome change. And more recently, their 2016 album, Boy King, seemed to be a monumental hit, with its pop elegance and expansive soundscapes. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

At least they’re ending things with a bang; a final farewell album of live recordings of their favourite tracks from their entire discography. Last Night All My Dreams Came True condenses their 12 years into one trinket box, ready to be treasured and remembered with the same heartfelt dignity of their sudden parting.

For a band that truly excelled in a live format, it’s a fitting end to a triumphant run. The live element punctuates their final goodbye, cementing their live performances as a great highlight of their time as a band. From wondrously colourful Boy King, to debut, Limbo, Panto, the album picks and pulls at their 12 years as a collective. The career-spanning selection starts with “Wanderlust”, a gloriously electric number, with jarring synth. “Don’t confuse me with someone who gives a fuck” is a fitting final reminder of their spunk and guts to challenge the status quo of indie.

With context, the album holds a different poignancy. It’s like a darkened filter has been cast upon the album. The usual fun vocal of “Hooting Howling” feels almost melancholic now, with the farewell bleeding into Hayden Thorpe’s falsetto. “Colossus” is all the more empowering and foreboding; a heightened sense of dread impending. The rare track, “The Devil’s Palace”, builds an apprehensive and tense melody, rescinding at a beautiful interplay of vocals. It goes to show that, with the sadness, comes ambition and pride in their works.

Heavily drawing on Boy King is no accident. Hayden says, “our last album, Boy King, felt just like our first record in many ways – in its fuck you spirit, in its sense of self-destruction.” It’s this return and reflection that led to the decision for the band to part ways.

Last Night All My Dreams Came True ends with the contemplative “Celestial Creatures” which really brings home the welcome gratitude that Wild Beasts have shown in their goodbye. As the repeated final line, “these are blessed times that we are living in”, fades out, it's a bittersweet closer. Their cyclical desire to end Wild Beasts on a high note showcases their sensuality and emotional capability as a band even more. They’ll certainly be missed.

Release: 16th February 2018, Domino Documents


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