Weaves set off punky pyrotechnics on Wide Open

Wide OpenThe latest release from Weaves is an anarchy of punky pyrotechnics and a heart-racing chorus of sounds. Fans of their debut album will still delight in the attitude that demands attention while finding a slight variance in a new sound and line up of instruments. The band jokingly refers to Wide Open as their "Americana record," but this album is nothing short of an adrenaline-fueled, caffeine-induced aftermath.

It feels like the band is making a statement here, but doing it the most fun possible way. The melodies are propulsive and exciting, the guitars are crunchy and overdriven. Even the vocals soar through a slight distortion of static and dissonance. The opening track "#53" is anthemic and rebellious with an indie rock mindset that has a clear purpose. Other songs like "Law And Panda" have a driving drum beat and infectious hooks that lead directly into earworm choruses. It's hard not to dance when the entire song comes together.

As the tracks pass in sequential unison it becomes an uplifting and inspiring feeling, with a defined duality between lyrical structure and musical execution. Sometimes upbeat melody contrasts with a more serious subject matter. The climax comes crashing through on "Scream", featuring renowned experimental vocalist Tanya Tagaq. The song is agitated and dark in a way that causes your pulse to quicken before you even have a chance to realize what just happened. A deviant chorus of sound seems to come out of every single space available. It's sharp and frightening, but soothing and sweet at the exact same time. Just as the song bubbles over and the music comes to an exciting peak, the sounds return to the cavern from which they came. "Scream" is a wild ride, worth taking over and over again.

Weaves have definitely developed a fiery formula and they stick to it throughout the album's duration. Wide Open is a perfect album, whether listening with the windows rolled down on a carefree day, or getting pumped up for a night of endless possibility.

Release: 6th October 2017, Memphis Industries


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