We Three And The Death Rattle – WTATDR

WTATDRWith the release of their debut album WTATDR, We Three And The Death Rattle find themselves a Leicester sensation. The trio have been hotly tipped following their tour with Josh T Pearson, and coverage from Dazed & Confused, Classic Rock Magazine, as well as XFM and Absolute Radio airtime.

If etymology turns you on, then you may be interested to learn that, "Death Rattle is a sound produced by a person immediately preceding death, resulting from the passage of air through the mucus in the throat". Perhaps not the most flattering of descriptions, but by their own admission it paints a pretty accurate picture. Vocals are course, smoky and in your face - as rock'n'roll should be - but lack any change of pitch or feel. Especially on tracks like "Double or Quits" there's not the same responsiveness to the music you get with Liela Moss from The Duke Spirit or Alison Mosshart from The Kills.

The opening track "Down Out and Deep Fried" sprints out of the blocks, and demands to be played loud. The likely highlight is "Split Lips", an understated, nicotine infused piece of cool rock'n'roll. "Alligators" has a touch of vintage White Stripes, but after four listens I have no idea what the song is about. "Bipolarcoaster" is a boozy, moody rant. "Inpatients" is interesting lyrically, but doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself from the rest of the tracks. There are plenty of hidden details to keep the listener interested, and WTATDR should be congratulated for a sprinkling of the two most underrated instruments in rock and roll: the cowbell and theremin. The shenanigans are concluded with "Bitten by the Dust", a track that typifies the band, being marked by scuzzy guitars, tribal drumming and catchy lyrics.

Despite being from Leicester, We Three and the Death Rattle do not sound British, but do not sound false either. This bluesy, fast paced garage-rock can hold it’s own against The Gun Club. The whole album sounds like an American bar room brawl; it is great to watch but does not have any sense of direction. Similarly, if We Three and the Death Rattle were a drink it would be neat Jack Daniels; not sophisticated but ideal for a party.

Release: 13th February 2014, PAW//PURR


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