Tom Vek – Luck

LuckIt may not seem like it, but Tom Vek has been around for a long time. It’s been nine years since his debut album We Have Sound, and it took a whole six years for him to deliver follow up Leisure Seizure. Luckily, the former St. Martins graphic design student has pulled his finger out this time, as we’ve only had to wait a measly three years for this new release. Any worries about Tom having rushed this album are unjustified, as Luck offers some of his best work to date.

What will they think of me, the sacrifice isn’t enough, I have to justify everything I do,” he dryly states in album opener "How Am I Meant To Know?", a slow burning and surprisingly understated start to one of Tom’s most lively pieces of work. There's definitely a noticeable theme of self-contempt running throughout the album, which is entirely undeserved, as this could well be the album that propels him into the attention of the mainstream. Which should be enough to cheer him up.

There are certain sections of this album which sound like they've been hastily thrown together on fruityloops, but don’t be deterred as Luck really picks up pace in the second half. With its stuttering analogue synth and dirty drum and bass drops, "You’ll Stay" sounds like it’s been plucked straight from an early Kano release, and it’s the type of song that’s usually heard blasted on the back of busses from tinny mobile phone speakers. In other words, it’s an absolute banger.

The fact is, Luck never veers too drastically from the usual Tom Vek style. However there's certainly nothing wrong with that, as it feels that he has really perfected and honed in on his unique brand of indie robo-funk, which means that Luck feels like a much sleeker and refined end product, meaning all those years spent waiting were not in vain.

Release: June 9th 2014, Moshi Moshi Records


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