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TogetherIt takes a particular sort of confidence to release an EP only a week after you’ve announced its existence - that or a large slice of impatience. Either way, and despite battling a hectic touring schedule for the past eight months, London based alt pop duo Thumpers have somewhat miraculously pieced together this four-track EP, Together. It follows on from their debut album Galore, and though it doesn’t imply a massive musical progression on their part, it does confirm they’ve not lost an ounce of talent while on the road.

The EP starts with a giant wallop of strong in the form of “Devotee”, a track that features guest vocals from Jena Malone, better known as the actress behind The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, or Donny Darko if you’re of certain (our) age. Malone’s band The Shoe recently kicked up a bigger storm than usual with their album I’m Okay, and any fan of that can correctly assume this pairing is a good one. Despite a relatively timid contribution - reduced to a few discernible lines on record - her vocals contrast perfectly with Thumpers front man Marcus Pepperell.

The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of Chloe Howl’s contribution to “Yolanda”. Frustratingly it’s arguably the best track of the EP: a great piece of songwriting; well composed and instrumentally executed. However, while the vocals of Howl and Pepperell don’t clash, the former is so high in the mix it sounds more like Thumpers accidentally gate crashed her studio session than the other way around. Listeners looking for a better example of how to contribute a lot to a track without totally hogging the limelight need only wait a short three minutes. “Parachute” features both Blood Red Shoes and Sun Club, but it’s clearly still Thumpers at the helm.

The EP rounds off with “Together Now”, the only album track to feature on the nearly-eponymous Together EP. Placed near the end of Galore, it’s the signature pop sprawl of the full length. Consequently it does offer a distinction between ‘then’ and ‘now’ on the EP.

Despite a production hiccup on “Yolanda”, the Together EP flips one in the face of non believers. Anyone who thought Thumpers might have burned out over the course of 2014 can consider themselves disproved, and all in the course of a week.

Release: 9th November 2014, Sony Red


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