The Wonder Revolution – Firefly

It’s safe to say The Wonder Revolution are some of those free-beings whose aim in life is to make the world a brighter, more hippy, place. To describe them as a band would be a loose definition. Naming themselves a “collective” – and with 20 plus members, it’s understandable  - The Wonder Revolution use nature as a foundation to explore a whole spectrum of genres creating an all-round experimental selection of songs. Based in Wichita, appropriately named the Sunflower State, their style is not dissimilar to the likes of Sigur Ros. To sum up, it’s “ta-la-la” music floating-through-the-skies music, but with a little more attitude.

With the world turning far too quickly this past couple of weeks, one of the best settings to appreciate this particular album is a dreary commute from Bristol to London. The rain has been torrential these past couple of days. Fields have turned into lakes, water is streaming endlessly down the window, the sky is a blanket of grey mist and the person currently sat opposite hasn’t grasped the concept of personal space and, to be quite frank, smells slightly pungent. In reality, there couldn’t be a better time to escape the current world and imagine a completely new setting with fresh air included.

The opening track of their latest album "Linden Tree" epitomises this care-free calming persona with the hint of melancholy. Whilst the remainder of the album is more upbeat, there is still always, this sense of sadness like strolling through a beautiful forest but on a downright miserable day. The layering of notes, sounds and vocals is initially interesting but lacks a certain impact. However with more listens they transform. Take "Layers of Miracles", a track that builds and builds into a euphoric feeling that you could easily see in some epic nature advert, or that kind of song that can reduce an audience to tears at the end of a heartbreaking film.

Each song on this album is subtly different. From sleepy and sad to jubilant and rousing, this is an album that can have the ability to lift your mood ("The Current" is romantic and optimistic to say the least) and whilst some tracks ("Firefly" and "Here We Are") have the ability to make you forget the miserable day, others can bring it into your direct line of thought. This makes for a very powerful album indeed, especially when played loud or (I can imagine) as a live performance.

Light with a slight edge to the usual up-in-the-clouds hippy types, this is casual idealistic music with a slight bit of gloom mixed in. A beautiful album for the lovers of chilled acoustic hippy music, this is one to watch the world go by with. And if you happen to be an insomniac? It’s better than any whale noise I’ve ever heard.

Release: 11th December 2012, Air House Records


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