The Regrettes show us How to Love

The Regrettes How Do You Love?John Hughes might be remembered more for The Breakfast Club but nobody will ever love that film as deeply as some of us love Pretty In Pink. It nails the little details of being a teenager far better than the obvious stereotypes laid out in The Breakfast Club. Most teens don’t fit into a single category because being a beautiful, muddy mess of emotions is what defines our teenage years. On their second album, The Regrettes bundle all those conflicting emotions into a formidable collection of rock'n'roll songs that change styles as quickly as Pretty In Pink’s Iona (Annie Potts) hair color.

The Regrettes proved they're more than just another disposable pop-punk band on 2017’s Feel Your Feelings Fool!. which is mature beyond its years without losing a drop of the band’s unbridled energy. Singer and guitarist Lydia Night ups the stakes on How Do You Love? with a spoken-word opener that sets the scene for 14 songs that explore every stage of falling in and out of love. With her heart proudly on her sleeve, she shares the highs and lows of relationships without slipping into trite cliches. Just when you assume there's no more space for love songs, The Regrettes deliver an album of anthems for us to sing along to.

If you can hear influences coming from everywhere, that's what makes The Regrettes so unique. The opening riff on “Dress Up” sounds like Billy Idol’s “Dancin’ With Myself” filtered through the California sunshine while “I Dare You” is the wild sister to The Strokes’ “Last Night”. Guitarist Genessa Gariano is equal parts Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey, riffing off Night’s lyrics when needed while also maintaining the integrity of each narrative. The building power of “Coloring Book” reaches a climax that demands a stadium-sized audience. Fittingly, Lydia Night’s attitude and talent reminds me most of P!nk. Every aspect of these songs and the band’s commercial trajectory speaks to an artist with a long-term vision of where her band is headed.

Rock'n'roll speaks the language of youth and The Regrettes are the most eloquent band of 2019. They're the teen spirit of this generation but a fractured music industry doesn’t want a new revolution, they're still re-selling us anniversary tours and reissues of albums that came out 40 years ago. With How Do You Love?, The Regrettes challenge this generation to listen to an entire album from start to finish. Give them 44 minutes, they will change your life and save rock'n'roll.

Release: 9th August 2019, Warner Records

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  1. Junie & TheHutFriends 03/09/2019 at 8:00 am #

    Such a good album!! The energy they bring to their music never ceases to amaze me! Even with the intro track, you get a sense that something is bubbling beneath the surface.

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