The Japanese House shines in emotional, dreamy album Good At Falling

The Japanese House Good at FallingYou know the feeling you get when you wake up from a dream that's so vivid and lush - perhaps about someone you love or once loved - that it goes on to affect you throughout the day, the week or even the year? On her debut album Good At FallingThe Japanese House effortlessly takes us into that state of mind.

With layers of lavish sound mixed into electronica beats, the album quickly immerses the listener in dreamscape-like songs that each transition into the next quite seamlessly. Amber Bain opens up throughout the album, giving the listener a peak inside her mind, life experiences and songwriting process. Every song feels like a layer of sleep and hearing your favourite voice in a dream; laced with sentiment and self-awareness.


The London-based solo project of singer-songwriter Amber Bain, Good At Falling marks her first full-length album release. There's a clear connection to British pop-rockers The 1975 both audibly and on paper; The Japanese House is signed to Matt Healy's label Dirty Hit, and the frontman contributes his own backup vocals to "f a r a w a y". Elsewhere The 1975's drummer George Daniels is credited with producing the album.

While several songs on the album err on the experimental, the record also contains songs that are infectious and up-beat like "You Seemed so Happy", a shimmering pop-meets-shoegaze song. Alongside following track "Follow My Girl", this is where the album transforms into a more lucid nature. Bain also sensationally hits her stride in glimpses of sensory imagery, such as standout track "Worms".

Although painful in certain points, each track on Good at Falling glistens with beauty and emotion. While dreamlike in nature, this truly listens like falling in and out of love in a matter of 13 songs.

Release: 1st March 2019, Dirty Hit

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