Tennis embrace Motown and the 80s on Yours Conditionally

Yours ConditionallyHusband and wife duo Tennis met over a game of Philosophy. And thankfully, they’ve never lost the feeling of needing to hold hands. What they've done with Yours Conditionally is wrap up the old flavours of Motown, in warm and electric indie pop. Previous albums, Young and Old and Cape Dory feel more rustic in comparison, and everything that was before is now encapsulated in a grander and modern sound. This has allowed this talented couple to move towards new musical directions without losing their unique style of writing.

An obvious and instant attraction in this band is Alaina Moore’s voice. Her pipes go from deep sexy tones to soaring higher notes. This is ever present on opening track "In The Morning I'll Be Better". She croons soothingly while layers of harmonies leave you floating on sounds of the 60s.

The first single to showcase the band's new material is the infectious "My Emotions Are Blinding". Synth, guitar licks and driving beats are matched by joyous melody. It’s a melody and vocal that screams cone-shaped bras in a material world: "I get hysterical uh huh, it's empirical uh huh, I get hysterical uh huh, it's empirical oh yeah, my emotions they are blinding, this is one night I can't go on surviving, tell me one truth worth confiding, baby don’t you know that my love is binding.” There are a few moments on this record that you feel you're being transported back to the 80s. It is obvious, but it works. How you feel about that is up to you.

On Yours Conditionally the keyboard work is more present in sound than technique and this allows Patrick Riley to add his presence on guitar. It’s an important component to their new age sound, adding reverb tones, acoustic guitar, and occasional distorted riffs. He clearly understands the pitfalls of over indulging and finds just the right places to explore the guitar without compromising the band's music.

Yours Conditionally sees Tennis recreating old styles that fit in the modern world. It’s a collection of songs that sit perfectly next to each other. They aren’t rich in dynamic, but by not ‘experimenting’ the hell out of every song, you get warm layers of harmony. Motown and 80s pop styles are effortlessly held together by uncompromising instruments, all of which are sweetly entwined with Aliana Moore’s spellbinding voice.

Release: 10th March 2017, Mutually Detrimental


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