Tame Impala – Currents

Tame Impala - CurrentsInspired by their hit song “It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, Tame Impala have gone all the way back to the 80s when it comes to production on Currents. Unlike their 2012 album, Lonerism - which features a psych-rock combination of heavy drum beats and mellow synth and guitar - the band’s one-man creative team of Kevin Parker takes quite a different, pop-inspired route on 2015's effort. 

The album is an ode to change, evolution, and the rebirth of sounds and spirits. Track titles like “Yes I’m Changing”, “Past Life”, and “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” are black and white proof of the message hidden between the lines.

Starting with previously released single, “Let It Happen”, as the first track; the almost 8-minute long anthem is a statement of change and a trendsetter for the rest of the album. Standing on pillars of synth and repeated croons of “let it happen,” the song takes on the vibes of an 80s Halloween disco that may have gone on for a little too long. "The Moment" takes a brighter turn, as the rhythm picks up more beats and overlapping vocals sing, “it’s getting closer” before abruptly ending and rolling onto a psychedelic haven of synth and soft vocals, with “Yes I’m Changing”. Throwing in some thudding beats into the mix for good measure, “Eventually” kicks Currents up a notch, but not enough to throw the track list off its mellow pop-psych build up.

Like a desert safari ride, the track list on Currents is a jolting mixture of lengthy songs and short interludes of mere minute-long transitional tunes that lack in length but not in appeal. “Nangs” and “Gossip” embody the sharp dunes of shorter tracks, as well as formerly released single “Disciples”, which transports you into an upbeat hair-whippingly refreshing advert for a fruity shampoo of some sort. Taking a page out of the Foster the People book, "Cause I’m a Man" and its slowed down, rhythmic pop synth waves are a lovechild of old school Tame Impala and Foster the People’s Supermodel.

The theme of metamorphosis seeps into the core of this record through more than just the lyrics. However, it stands in its entirety as a flag of acceptance to all things new and experimental. Currents represents a crossroads for Tame Impala, and it will definitely be a defining point of the band’s future direction.

Release: 17th July 2015, Modular Recordings


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