Spring King electrify on A Better Life

Better Life, Spring KingThe new album from Manchester four-piece Spring King is captured lightning in a bottle, shaken up and unleashed as radiating heat. As the group's first release for two years, A Better Life, couples skyscraper riffs and cataclysmic energy with a primal, joyous, generational demand for no less than a better world.

A Better Life finds the group evolved and matured in both sound and execution. No longer relying on drummer Tarek Musa to shoulder the majority of the vocal responsibilities, they've added new layers of depth and hook-laden precision. The result is an explosive sound that's in no way short of energetic and boasts clear confidence from bandmates Pete Darlington (guitar), Andy Morton (guitar) and James Green (bass). The group is in sync and move at a breakneck pace that feels incredibly exciting.

Throughout the album's 14 song adventure, Spring King sway in and out of infectious melodies, gigantic hooks, and so much fuzz you can almost see the amplifiers sparking. The music would be right at home in a hazy underground venue or set among the crowd surfing masses of a sun drenched festival.


A Better Life opens with the propulsive single "Animal", which reintroduces the band with the force of a bulldozer. From there, the sonic landscape zooms by as each new track adds a new earworm layer to the finished product. Songs like "Let's Drink" offer a type of nursery rhyme cadence that immediately nestles deep within the cerebellum and sets up shoppe for the next week. It's catchy and, above anything else, extremely fun to listen to.

Self-produced by Musa, A Better Life takes that indie rock sound and makes it an anthem for something bigger than themselves. It reflects on the band's concerns, ambitions, and hopes they have for their generation. Even the album artwork is a nod to the early 20th Century Woodcraft movement, who the band discovered in the middle of exploring the idea for the album.

Spring King have certainly ignited the flames of change with anthemic riffs which call to and inspire.

Release: 31st August 2018, Island Records


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