Slowcoaches come out fighting on Nothing Gives

Slowcoaches - Nothing GivesLoud, fast and angry: Slowcoaches are the perfect response to the bleak phase of our lives that is post-Brexit Britain. The London 3-piece couldn’t have timed their debut album release better, dropping Nothing Gives right amongst the chaos of Britain’s political uncertainty, and right after the USA’s election of a demagogic maniac.

Aside from the chaos currently engulfing the planet, the noise pop trio are easily one of the UK's most exciting new bands, but it hasn’t been an easy ride. Since the release of their debut EP We’re So Heavy, the band have played all over the country and entered European shores, all while holding down full-time jobs, a sobering reminder that you can’t just rely on music as your primary income these days. The struggle for bands is real these days, and Nothing Gives is born out of a collective frustration - years of false starts, barely having the time to practice songs, sleeping in a van, quietly uncertain as to what the future holds. Slowcoaches’ debut is crammed with distortion, bleeding from the core of each track, frightfully urgent.

Album opener "Living Out" is a wired, rumbling punk anthem, borrowed from the energetic frequencies of Fucked Up, and really sets the wheels of Nothing Gives spinning in spectacular motion. Most tracks clock in less than three minutes, chucking-out superfast commentaries of the everyday. There’s no time to make a cuppa or check the news, just pure, raw headbanging enjoyment. Frontwoman Heather Perkins is a force of nature, firing-off lyrics as uncomplicated punk statements. Her tone is never overbearing and only makes the Bikini Kill-like chords of "Get Ripped" even more ferocious, as it ploughs through just over one and a half minutes. "Levity" is brilliantly unforgiving, slinging razor-sharp riffs about as Perkins declares “We’re stuck inside a hole inside my head!” "Total Block" includes the most refined guitars of the whole record, as if the band have almost broken through the resounding strife.

Nothing Gives is 12 short(-ish) bursts of the purest and rawest punk-infused pop music you’ll find this side of the pond right now (apart from maybe Bad Breeding). They feel more important than ever in the current misshapen social climate. Slowcoaches' anthemic vocals and crunchy guitar riffs aren’t bogged down in greyscale gloom though; they’re more like a heavy pop group than a hairy, politicised rock group. Nothing Gives is an all-out attack, subsidised by truck-loads of catchy melodies to soundtrack their roughed-up diary of life’s drudgery.

Release: December 2nd 2016, Leisure & District


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