Sleaford Mods – Key Markets

Sleaford Mods - Key MarketsAnother Tory win, another speculative grin, as the margins between the have's and the have not's spread mercilessly farther apart like the elastic band that continues to stretch to the point of snapping. Musically, in these still-too-apathetic times, we are mostly served up cheery trash to take our minds off often grinding reality. Even those that meander with rebel sentiment and provide impeccable entertainment, eg Fat Whites and Slaves are not quite near the space that Sleaford Mods have begun to occupy. For these Midland moderators have culminated their diatribe into the perfect audio long player interpretation of cult 70s film Network's infamous line, “I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore,” through to Rage Against The Machine's, "fuck you I won't do what you tell me," with their very own brand of 'I'm gonna tell you how it really is'. This, with lyrics so vitriolic, smart and often comical, it's virtually impossible not to lean in closer to your speaker and usher a few 'oohs' as they get really personal on characters in the real British landscape like BoJo and Damo (Albarn, that is).

What's truly wonderful though is that not only is their new album Key Markets more lyrically interesting than most rock and rap albums of the last decade, but musically the bass heavy garage punk riffs are the most awesome accompaniment to this sort of extreme truth. Sonically, it's a treat. Work out to it, ride the bus to it, jump in a pit to it. Whatever's bothering you, this is sure to help expel some of that pent up anger you may not have even realised you had tucked deep beneath your normally very cool posterior. This definitely isn't happy music. It's antagonistic, menacing and quite bloody brilliant.

The Northern tones are on point, reminiscent vocally of The Twang and The Streets but with that more urgent, more deadly rock beat and bass. The songs take on more meaning than anything Mr Skinner was able to put out in my reckoning. Not only that, but Jason Williamson and his buddy Andrew Fearn are making music that fits like a perfectly customised knuckle duster - a conversation starter and also a pogo happy crowd bumping bastard of a record and I love it.

As Paddy Considine said, and beautifully points out in his most nuanced Nottingham accent during Shane Meadows' brilliant Dead Man's Shoes a few years back, "You see that? That's you that is, right there in the palm of my hand," as he proceeds to crush his open palm into a clenched fist and scare the shit out of the local bullies. Sleaford Mods are doing just the same and are the most likely ones to kick this whole thing up a notch until something or someone starts sorting this shit out. Keeping it properly real. It's about bloody time someone did. Go Mods!

Release: 24th July 2015, Harbinger Sound


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