Skating Polly combine serenity and rage on New Trick EP

Skating Polly - New TrickSkating Polly have never been ones to hide their influences. From the off, they have put out straight-shooting bedroom grunge, their tracks calling back to Bikini Kill and The Flaming Lips. There have been moments of serenity and moments of howling rage, but at their purest, they always seem to come back to Peyton and Kelly, a guitar, a drum kit, and whatever they can tease out of them. One of the most appealing things about Skating Polly's music is that you always get the sense that somebody’s dad is about to come home and roll the garage door upon them by mistake. Their latest EP New Trick thankfully sticks to that theme.

Opener "Louder in Outer Space" features a sunny dual vocal and a back and forth guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack for Ten Things I Hate About You, while "Hail Mary" brings the volume down, painting a portrait of female solidarity in the face of adversity and ego. New Trick’s closing track "Black Sky" is dreamier, with Peyton and Kelly sharing vocal harmonies that splinter off along two different paths before melting back into one another.

Overall, New Trick is more cohesive than Skating Polly’s previous releases. A three-track EP naturally leaves little space for deviation, and as a result, the band have delivered a tightly bound package of daydream grunge without losing any of their charms. On New Trick, Skating Polly are coalescing into something more solid.

Release: 28th April 2017, El Camino Media


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