Shining Mirrors EP blends garage with infectious harmony

شراء اسهم البنك الاهلي التجاري Shining MirrorsThe upcoming EP from Brooklyn based dark garage trio الخيارات الثنائية نظام U7 Shining Mirrors perfectly finds the intersection of شركة ماركتس للتداول Phil Spector style pop and punk. The self-titled EP contains a collection of innocent, warm, upbeat and infectious melodies that buzz in beautiful agitation. It's easy to imagine the busy streets of New York's bustling underground music scene, but as soon as the opening track "Cardiac" begins, the sound takes a coast to coast journey to the psychedelic and surf-driven garage sounds of California. There are even flourishes of bands like here The Ramones, as well as New York natives source link The Strokes. For most bands, a day job gets in the way of following their dreams. The nine-to-five grind never seems to agree with the rock and roll lifestyle, as every available square foot of an apartment becomes home to gear and guitars. Thankfully, Shining Mirrors found no such problem. “These songs were all recorded in our loft,” says frontman Drew Robinson. “Drums and all. Fortunately, I’m the building manager. That’s my day job.” Robinson is joined by Josh Christie and bass player Reni Lane, who is often called to model in addition to being a musician. Her recent trip to Paris, where she walked in the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week, became an opportunity for the trio to bring its music to town.

استثمار الذهب افضل من العقار The beauty of the EP is in its simplicity. Not only do the hooks creep up with delightful surprise, but the depth of each track expands far beyond the initial impression. This becomes especially apparent in "Favorite TV Show", where a sugary sweet, harmony-laden chorus blends with reverb-drenched guitars that fit perfectly into a rolling drum beat. As a whole, the self-titled EP is a great introduction to a band with a familiar sound. But that familiarity never becomes stale in any way. There are constant new nuances that decorate the musical landscape. It's not overly complex, but it doesn't need to be. Shining Mirrors take a garage rock sound and make it multi-dimensional. From their New York influences to the surfy coastal splashes, and even their international flair, the group never falls into one category for longer than they need to. The Shining Mirrors EP is the perfect collection of songs to listen to with the windows down, even though the weather is slowly getting colder. Fear not, because there are plenty of elements to warm up any room and every occasion. Release: 3rd November 2017, Self-Release


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