SCRAPS – Electric Ocean

Electric OceanElectric Ocean will catapult you to the far-flung areas of space, and throw you around between the neutron stars and black holes, before submerging you entirely in the depths of another world. Armed with a minimalist set-up of a vintage keyboard, drum machine, synthesizer and a life-long obsession with electro-pop; Brisbane resident Laura Hill performs under the pseudonym SCRAPS, to conceive an album that glides fervently through a collection of cosmic arcade-sounding songs, guaranteed to make your entire body sway.

SCRAPS transpired back in 2007 during a dismal period of Laura’s life that saw her living in a shared house whilst dealing with the break down of a relationship and financial difficulties. Using pinball, smoking and the writing of sad songs as a form of escapism, it was soon after this time Laura joined forces with a friend, and owner of a Pro-One synthesizer, to create short-lived band Stargaze. Using the limited equipment they owned between them, they began to compose largely improvised pieces that were later performed at a couple of shows.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Human League, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan and Flock of Seagulls, the theme of 80s electro-pop saw the birth of debut album Classic Shits, which was released through Bedroom Suck Records in 2011, and 7” EP Secret Paradise through Critical Heights back in 2012. Using a Yamaha PS-55, Yamaha Portasound PS-3, Korg MS-20 and 70s Broadcast microphones, SCRAPS constructed simple pop chords, complimented by lo-fi pulses, becoming a perfect tribute to the music legends that feed her inspiration. Classic Shits was featured in VICE magazine, where Laura spoke of her lyrical decisions: “I write like making a collage, bits and pieces of stories and fantasies that fill the song with pictures, science and love.

Electric Ocean dives straight in with "Mushroom Gods", exercising a 8-bit lead melody accompanied by background chiming, and ultimately the joining of her signature synth layers. This contagious rhythm immediately gets your heart pounding and your head bobbing, with hypnotic vocals story-telling bizarre themes “mushroom gods, they are not animals, they are not insects” separating SCRAPS from your typical DIY bedroom composer, with a quality consistent throughout the duration of the nine-track album.

Electric Ocean is the pinnacle of years spent experimenting, sampling and pushing limits. It has been Laura’s determined and independent essence that has brought forward this album with such monumental value, you will find yourself questioning how you never knew of SCRAPS before.

Release: 10th March 2014, Fire Records


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