Saffron Records 2nd Birthday Party @ Mr Wolfs, Bristol, 14/09/2017

Saffron Records 2nd BirthdayMusic and cake are always a great combination. Saffron Records '2nd Birthday Party is a brilliant example of how collaboration is at the heart of the Bristol music scene. Local companies involved in the project also include Tap The Feed and Mr Wolfs, who have teamed up to make the muscles of the Bristol scene supple.

The calibre of musicians performing to celebrate Saffron Records' 2nd Birthday is far from dull. Nepo x Temko is soulful. LUCY kept hype in-between sets, while China Bowls played two of her unreleased songs from upcoming EP Talk, due out soon through Saffron Records. New track "Only Love" is just one example of her un-box-able music, with its alternative mix that fuses funk, neo, soul and jazz.

Kudu Blue, the last band to play, is completely new to this reviewer. A number of live synth instruments on stage are striking and engaging to watch - as usual. The vocalist hits some surprisingly high and sharp notes to build up to a crescendo. Kudu Blue is almost in full hiking gear - maybe it helps with the high notes.

Ngaio plays us out for the night and calls an end to Saffron Records' 2nd Birthday Party. As a person you can't miss, her curly hair is bright tones of purple, illustrating how fun her set can be. The DJ mixes old school classics and African beats in with current artists like Kendrick Lamar. It's a refreshing change to the usual Mr Wolfs scene and produces a thoroughly good crowd to dance with.


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