Robyn Sherwell bares her soul on self-titled debut

Robyn SherwellRobyn Sherwell is not afraid of baring her soul. Her self-titled debut album is an emotional record. Sherwell’s lyrics are drawn from personal experience, allowing her to purge her feelings and give herself some breathing room. With a vocal richness similar to Adele and drawing on influences as wide ranging as Jeff Buckley and Stevie Nicks, her work is blues tinged and haunting, served with a slice of pop to keep things from getting too dark.

Album highlights “No News”, “Heart”, and “Pale Lung” are prime examples of Sherwell’s emotive writing. On “Pale Lung” she sings, “I’m not in control and I’m not strong” with a clarity that only comes from a truly honest statement. Likewise, the mournful “Heart” features a vocal performance that would teeter on the edge of being overly earnest if it weren’t so blatantly truthful. These tracks are bluesy and soulful, and show Sherwell’s preoccupation with singer songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Rufus Wainwright.

Lead single “My Hand” is a horse of a different colour. From the off, the track sticks out from the others, with more electronic elements pulsing along beneath the vocals. With its Queen-style bass line, “My Hand” could sit comfortably in a chart radio show playlist, slotting in neatly beside someone like Sia. In fact, the whole album is ‘radio friendly’. This is not to say that this debut lacks artistry. Just that, in trying to express herself with raw honesty, Robyn Sherwell has created a record of dark beauty buoyed by its pop elements. A pop influence is also clear on “Islander”, the track written for and dedicated to her homeland of Guernsey. “Islander” brings thoughts of salt water and high cliffs, and the strange dusk light only found at the seaside. This is driven along by an urgent drumbeat and soaring backing vocals punctuated with flashes of synth.

On her debut album Robyn Sherwell draws on deeply personal experiences to produce a soulful record with pop overtones. It is clear that she is a growing talent with more to say, and if this album is anything to go by she will say it with depth and honesty.

Release: 25th March 2016, Birdland Records


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