Phebe Starr chronicles a perfect summer on debut EP

FChroniclesSome of the greatest voices around at the moment (Rag 'n' Bone Man, for example) have been loitering in or around the music scene for a while, perhaps honing their vocal skills and perfecting the craft of their writing, while dust from the next obligatory Brit School leaver settles. Perhaps they were just bumming around the studio, waiting for that bit of luck to carry the weight of their voice out into the world and to a huge accolade. Either way, it seems the same patience has paid dividends for the vocal talents of Phebe Starr, who released her first single back in 2012 while working for a radio station. Fast forward five years, and off the back of international hit "Feel My Love", she presents her first EP to the world, Chronicles.

It's not often you hear the perplexed beauty of a harp classically entwined among the shiny production of modern pop, so good on Phebe Starr for thinking outside the box while bringing her vocals into play on opening track "Feel My Love". It’s a subtle backdrop that allows Starr to express her imperfections with love: "'Cause when I was young, somebody shook me and they thought it was fun, to go and trip me and the wires came undone, and now I'm all messed up." This is the calm before synths and thunderous beats storm the chorus.

Chronicles has synth and modern pop sounds colliding beautifully with an array of euphoric beats. Lyrically drawing on subjective experiences, notably the perils of perfection in love, Starr is a master of vocal dynamic. She soothes through verses and effortless soars to grander heights in each chorus. It’s a formula that works to tremendous effect throughout Chronicles, and some praise must also be shared with producer Rob Ellmore for giving Starr a polished pop canvas to work from. "Two Hearts" is another standout track that will keep Coldplay on their toes for that summer anthem. And by the time you get to "Lavender Scars", you've been dancing all night and welcome some chill out time; though downbeat, the ever imaginative flutter of creative sounds make for interesting distractions and wonder.

If her record company are the salt of her earth, they'd have booked her to play every festival under the sun (although more likely rain) this summer, knowing full well she has the perfect sound to carry out across a sea of smiles, united in dance.

Release: 31st March 2017, Self-release


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