Parquet Courts @ Trinity Centre, Bristol, 14/06/2016

Parquet CourtsFollowing the recent release of their new album Human Performance, Parquet Courts bring their hallmarked indie rock, post punk grunge to the Trinity Centre tonight. The New York quintet have just begun a pretty lengthy tour throughout the UK and America, of course including a couple of festival slots for the summer, with the Trinity Centre being their first ever Bristol performance.

Co-lead singer Austin Brown begins by saying, “Everyone good? Alright, we’ll start now,” like he’s just about to put the kettle on or do something incredibly mundane but, of course, Parquet Courts are definitely not mundane. Playing it cool, they ooze American charm. They ease us into their new album with soft and catchy track “One Man No City”. The song, and the whole of Human Performance, is more indie rock than previous albums, and sports more prominent vocals from Austin Brown, proving the band's ability to mix up their sound in the drop of a hat. On the church backdrop, Andrew Savage says, “This is the perfect place for us. You know, we’re just romantics, man,” again proving their enviable American cool.

A pause between songs enables a cheer from the crowd, “You were awesome at Field Day” (which makes me even more sad that I missed them) but provokes a back and forth between crowd and band. “You’re not Russian, are you?” Austin Brown jokes, prompting boos and oohs from Trinity Centre (kudos for the brave cultural ref though).

The interchangeable vocalists throughout create a dynamic performance, always mixing up the tempo and keeping the crowd on their feet. Five albums in five years lends itself to a fast-paced band, but despite their slight sound change, they’re still as fun and quirky as ever. They seem to lyricise everything and anything they deem worthy of a song but in a really good way, showing a genuine light hearted nature. “Dust” is prime example and makes me laugh, mixing a catchy riff with complaints about the ever expanding appearance of dust. Along the same vein is “I Was Just Here” with lyrics, “You look so nice, Chinese fried rice,” performed with a serious deadpan look on Sean Yeaton’s face.

They don’t come back for an encore, prompting huge boos from the crowd when the Trinity Centre lights are turned on and all hopes are dashed. After waiting a good five minutes, the crowd sadly give up. I’m pretty gutted they don’t come back too, after such a good performance. And it wasn’t just their cool charm that won me over but their fun energy.


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  1. Lottie 18/07/2016 at 7:40 pm #

    Normally I’m against killing but this article slheeatgrud my ignorance.

    • Tiffany Daniels 19/07/2016 at 9:27 am #

      Slheeatgrud?! Is that a new word?

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