The Orielles keep it lo-fi for Silver Dollar Moment

Silver Dollar MomentThe Orielles have been on the lips of industry insiders since the release of their debut EP Jobin back in 2016. Perhaps it’s down to their label: Heavenly love a DIY aesthetic, and that's afforded the band a bit of time to mould and craft their sound, rather than rushing out an album and being thrown under a bus. The title of their debut - Silver Dollar Moment - is named as such after an unexpectedly great gig in Canada at a venue called The Silver Dollar; from there, they coined the phrase to describe unexpectedly good moments. It's a nice touch and refreshing to find a young band has put a lot of thought into the title rather than teddy picking a self-titled.


The drumming on this album is a real highlight and at times reminiscent to the frenetic style of "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John, particularly on "Old Stuff, New Glass" and "Let Your Dog Tooth Grow". It's hard not to be enamoured with the magical addition of a cowbell in a track and a sprinkling of this instrument on "Mango" ensures cowbell lovers aren’t disappointed.

On first listen, however, it's not guaranteed you'll be totally sold. While the shimmering guitar lines are instantly infectious, the vocals can sound a little disinterested, which makes it challenging to invest in fully. However, after a couple of listens, it's easier to warm to The Orielles' style thanks to the upbeat numbers, particularly album closer "Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)".

The Orielles are going about things on their own terms, which can be incredibly tricky for a band still in development and under pressure from the music industry to conform to indie stereotypes. If you listen close enough, there are little signatures throughout Silver Dollar Moment when the band's creative originality bubbles away under a top layer of recognisable shoegaze pop.

If you’re not a fan of the aforementioned genre, this is unlikely to reel you in and be your ‘Silver Dollar Moment’, but it definitely holds its own in the genre and is a promising debut album from a band still very much on an upwards trajectory.

Release: 16th February 2018, Heavenly Recordings


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