Orchestra of Spheres – Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music

Orchestra of SpheresBeing lucky enough to write for such a diverse selection of music as DrunkenWerewolf’s means you never know what or who you’ll come across. Certain titles, bands and sounds will catch your eyes (or ears) and you won’t be able to say no. So when an album titled Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music turned up on the review list... Well, it was a no brainer.

Orchestra of Spheres are just as weird as their new album title suggests. Their debut Nonagonic Now received some sound reviews thanks to the band's unique style of African folk meets psychedelic funk. They continue to not only embrace these styles, but another two or three genres for good measure on VASBM. Something impossible at first glance...

Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music opens with the exotic sounds and empowered feminine wailing of the first track "Aby". This is less urban and more worldly than M.I.A, but still full of attitude, making it the perfect track to soundtrack running through a jungle while being chased by baboons. While M.I.A's ballsy nature is somewhat radio friendly - middle finger saluting aside - the vocals here are slightly unnerving.

The on-edge style flirts in and out of VASBM and sometimes feeling slightly overwhelming, squeezing all those multiple genres into your brain and sending it into overload. "Moro_Con", for example, is completely mental. It’s the musical equivalent of your ten year old self drinking too much Tizer and constantly spinning around in a circle. Each song seems to beat to the sound of its own drum, literally in many cases. Yet there is a vague consistency hidden in there too, resulting in a completely fascinating album.

The second album from Orchestra of Sphere and a natural progression of weirdness from the first; if we were to take a stab at describing the overall feeling, it would be electronic mixed with tribal, sci-fi with added guitar, and folk funk. Basically, there are a lot of influences on show. While there are many artists out there that describe their music as “experimental”, it’s never been so on-point than with Orchestra of Spheres; the epitome of experimental music in fact. As a whole, this is a delight, however very hard to follow if you’re not in the right frame of mind.

Release: 25th November 2013, Fire Records


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