Micah P. Hinson – Micah P Hinson and The Nothing

Micah P Hinson and The NothingWhen Micah P. Hinson’s 2011 Spanish tour came to an unexpected close due to a severe car incident that jeopardised the use of his arms, no one could have predicted the marvel that would later come as a result

The Americana guitarist and vocalist will release his latest studio album through his new French label, Talitres, on 10th March 2014. Entitled Micah P Hinson and The Nothing, the album encompasses a series of songs written prior to his accident. They bring a greater significance to the messages originally portrayed through the beautifully composed songs. During recovery, Hinson began sending the demos off to people around the world, including The Twilight Sad. The outcome is this perfectly constructed 12-track album, which includes the talent of astounding local musicians The Aquattro String Quartet. It was within two weeks and two days of recording without the use of his arms, at Moon River Studio, Santander, that Micah P. Hinson’s Micah P Hinson and The Nothing was completed.

Opening with a thunderous drum beat, followed by the accompaniment of wailing guitars and agitated vocals reminiscent of a breakdown, we're introduced to Micah P Hinson and The Nothing through "How are you just a dream?" The track accommodates so many elements that could contrive the beginning of a rock album; you may find yourself mislead into believing this is one. However, the progression of the various singles showcase Hinson’s ability to produce a variety of contrasting tracks: from upbeat, folk tunes to mellow and calming compositions. This is most evident on "The Way Home (To Abilene)", which encloses traits of comfort, using soothing vocals to reflect the feeling of change, ageing and finding yourself homeward bound. It’s a song that plucks your emotions with every guitar string, inducing an overwhelming sense of childhood nostalgia, blended with thought-provoking lyrics such as, “It’s falling apart at the seams, I think I see what all of this means.

"The Same Old Shit" brings us back to a light-hearted melody, with a blues inspired bass pattern complimented with folk guitars, the shaking of a distant tambourine, and a background whistling that instigates ideas of the wild west, for a country-themed result that distantly resembles a Johnny Cash song. Further along Micah P Hinson and The Nothing we reach "The Quill", which is stripped back to gentle piano, husky vocals and sombre strings, portraying yet again, Hinson’s extensive talent in various areas of musical ability.

When listening to this album it becomes obvious that no two songs are the same, ranging from sombre piano compositions, to buoyant folk beats. It is, however, evident that every song is filled with a great deal of raw emotion, whether this be nostalgic, contentment or anguish. There's no holding back, it is only the brutal truth that makes up this remarkable album, and as Micah says himself, “grand amount of love.

Release: 10th March 2014, Talitres


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